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To Sow Financial Seed
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Financial Seed For Ministry Development

Our outreach ministries in the world include not only ministering the gospel of Jesus Christ with love and demonstrations of the power of the Holy Spirit to heal and deliver, but also expressing that love through the distribution of food, clothing, Bibles and financial support to our indigenous ministers who go out to remote regions of Nations to minister the love of God and our orphan children in India. FOR SOWING OPTIONS, CLICK THE "More Info" TAB.
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We offer two options that you may select  to sow seed into this ministry. You may send donations online with the appropriate bank cards.  Simply press the "Donate" button. All donations to  Agape Christian Fellowship Ministries, Inc. church are  tax deductable. 

You may also purchase our book PSALM 91 The Covenant Relationship.  All proceeds will be used for the vision that God has given this ministry to include providing for feeding programs, disaster relief assistance in India, and the Philippines, assistance with various educational and health programs in Jamaica and Ghana and ministry in USA.

We also thank you for your effective fervant prayers for the safety  and wisdom of our ministers who zealously journey to remote areas where there is potential hostility towards Christians who introduce the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Receive the rich blessings of the Lord today, and today you be a blessing




Bishop Lonnie P. Henderson, Pastor

Agape Christian Fellowship Ministries

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ACFM in America
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ACFM in America

Our local ministry is located and registered in Maryland, USA. We are a full gospel non-denominational church where Jesus is Lord. We support the institution and sanctity of marriage as being between one man and one woman, in accordance with God's plan. We offer afternoon Bible Studies at the Law offices of Cheryl Chapman Henderson located in College Park, Maryland. In addition, we have a prison ministry in the state of Texas. We invite you to join our Bible Studies and Sunday worship Services located in Fort Washington, Maryland. In addition we have weekly TV programs locally aired in Prince George's and Montgomery Counties, Maryland - Please see Calendar for dates, times, and channels. This website streams our TV progams on Demand - please navigate to "Media". Enjoy the blessings of the Lord.
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Evangelist Cheryl Henderson ministering message Offering  Holy Communion in remembrance of redemptive works of Jesus Water Baptism in the name Jesus
Rev. Vivian and Rev. James Horton delivering offering message Pillars of Agape Christian Fellowship Ministries - International Rev. Marta Silva delivering God's message
Noon Time Bible Study in Cheryl's law office Noon time Bible Study in Cheryl's law office Honoring our Lord in anointed  praise and worship music








ACFM in Andhra Pradesh, India
ACFM in Andhra Pradesh, India photo

ACFM in Andhra Pradesh, India

Our Ministry in India is Agape Christian Fellowship International, Our South India ministries was founded by the late Rev. Dr. Henry Devadas, Pastor Solomon Raju has been positioned and called by God and appointed by Rev. Lonnie P. Henderson, Bishop - Agape Christian Fellowship Ministries to be senior Pastor of Agape Christian Fellowship International. As with Rev. Dr. Henry Devadas, Pastor Solomon has the full support of all our ministries, but more importantly, God Almighty Himself. We have 400 Pastors who are located in nearly every district in Hyderadad the Largest state in Southern, India The Lord has recently expanded our ministry to Punjab, a Northern state in India. We also have several major projects: We serve an affiliated church in a colony for lepers. Also there is a food shortage and we need help in donating resources to feed people of all faiths in this region. We also care for orphaned children.
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ACFM in Andhra Pradesh, India

Agape Christian Center; India

Because of threatening hostilities by extremist within the local community against the ministering of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, our Children's Center has had to relocate to a somewhat less hostile environment. Never-the-less, God is protecting the ministry and it is still effectively feeding and ministering the Gospel of God's love to the children of parents who have been decieved by the enemy. You can partner with our efforts in the remote and hostile regions of India by purchasing our publications or making a financial donation to the ministry in the section located on this website. If you are a US citizen your donation may be tax deductible. May you receieve the rich blessings of the Lord, regardless and may His safety be your portion, in the matchless name of Jesus. Amen.
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Agape Childe Development Center, Hyderabad, India

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Sponsorship helps provide good nutrition food, education, and Bible study.

Many children in Leprosy colony have desperate needs. In Agape Child Development Center many

children are receiving free education they could able to eat good nutrition food and they are also

knowing about JESUS who created them.

Countless children are still going to bed with an empty stomach as a result of intense poverty. The love

of Christ has compelled


Dayan’s Orphans Home Ministries begin the Agape Child Developmentwith the hopes of bringing significant change into the lives of the children.Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not

This bible verse is meant for every Christian parents, school teachers, and lecturers and also for

ministers. In this fast moving world today many young people are going into wrong directions.

Things like media, internet and cinema are leading them into the wrong directions. Many children are

looking up for movie stars as their role models , some of the children also pick up negative characters

in the movies who actually kill people ,they smoke , drink alcohol , Steal ,they speak bad words .

Many children don’t know that its just a movie and in real time we should not do this .They actually try

to do this kind of things in reality they try to act like them speak like them and they also think that

taking drugs and drinking alcohol is not bad they think because movie stars are doing this we too can

do .

We believe JESUS should be a role model for every one Because he lived his life perfectly in HIM there

was no sin. He taught us many good things like how to Love , How to help , How to obey . He is the true

Living God .If a Child believes in HIM and fallows HIM. HE can transfo



This program not only fights hunger, but also motivates the children to progress academically through

its evening tuitions.

The Bible says in Proverbs 22:6

depart from it .

Missions Ministry 2014
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ACFM in Punjab, (North India)
Ministering The Gospel in Punjab, India photo

Ministering The Gospel in Punjab, India

Punjab, India is in North India. Pastor John Christ is one of our senior Pastors and administrator. Under the leadership of Pastor John and the direction of the Holy Spirit, ACFM goes door to door teaching about Jesus Christ and inviting fellowhip with the Lord through baptism and obedience.
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Apart from ministering the gospel of Jesus Christ among those who have an ear to hear, a heart to recieve and a will to obey, Pastor John also directs food programs to the poor, distribution of clothing, an orphanage, and distribution of Bibles, all with an attitude of love.

Certificates of Ordination awarded to ACFM Pastors

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Mary Masih January 10,2014 photo

Mary Masih January 10,2014

Our grand daughter Mary Masih, born to John and Neetu Masih. Newest member to ACFM family.
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Service and Baptism in remote village 2014

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Ministering in Punjab

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Elizabeth Masih; our newest family member

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Agape Activities in Punjab

These meetings are conducted monthly. Pastors and delegates assemble from various parts of Punjab for prayer, study, and refreshing of the Holy Spirit. We also have a school to provide free education to underpriviledged children in Punjab. The state of Punjab is not positioned to provide free education to her many orphaned and poor children.
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ACFM in Ghana
AFCM in Ghana photo

AFCM in Ghana

Agape Christian Fellowship Ministries - Ghana, Minister: Pastor Richmond Nyanteng- Kesse Among the activities that we are accomplishing in the Sekyere Afram Plains District include sensitization on HIV/AIDS, malaria, and supporting people living with HIV/AIDS. We have a vision to develop programs to fund scholarship programs to help parents pay for their children's education, also to clothe and feed their children properly. We also have a vision to provide an orphange in selected villages.
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Street outreach in a Kumasi village

Street evangelism in a village in Kumasi; 2013
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ACFM in The Philippines
Ministering The Gospel of Jesus in The Philippines photo

Ministering The Gospel of Jesus in The Philippines

Agape Christian Fellowship Ministries - Philippines, Minister: Pastor Renilo C. Esta Our Ministry affliation in the Philippines was founded by Jesus through the vision He gave to Pastor Renilo C. Esta. Hand in hand and shoulder to shoulder we work together to expand the gospel of Jesus Christ to the uttermost parts of the earth. Our Bible School provides scholarship programs for aspiring ministers.
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N.A.O.I.S.O.M. is the abreviation of Newlife Abundant Outreach International School Of Ministries (Agape Church Philippines).  It is our affiliated Bible School in the Philippines and was founded by Pastor Renilo C. Esta, who is the President.

Our vision is to have Christian churches, Bible Training centers, to train up leaders,
sending children in the public schools and feeding centers in every province here in the
Philippines, and the people will know God reigns and will be changed by the Word of God and
worship the Father in Spirit and in Truth.
To be strong, faithful and victorious local church, moving in the power and the presence
of the Holy Spirit, who performs and teaches the imperishable Word of God.

We exist as God's instrument to influence the town of Midsayap and the neighboring towns,
cities and provinces here in the Philippines, with the teaching the life of Jesus Christ, to bring the
message of the Kingdom and the Good News and the Lordship of Jesus Christ in their lives.

1. Pastor Renilo C. Esta
2. Pastor Virgie C. Jumawid
3. Pastor Jovito Marcelino Jr. V
4. Pastor Alita Payot
5. Pastor Neolita P. Esta
6. Pastor Anabel Marcelino
7. Pastor Erlinda A. Oyaman
8. Bishop Lonnie P. Henderson
9. Evangelist Cheryl Henderson

1. Pastor Renilo C. Esta
2. Pastor Geremias Tiwaquen
3. Pastor Erlinda A. Oyaman
4. Pastor Neolita P. Esta
5. Pastor Noeh Oyaman

PASTORS under at Newlife Abundant Outreach Ministries
( Agape Church Philippines )
1. Pastor Renilo C. Esta
2. Pastor Neolita P. Esta
3. Pastor Virgie C. Jumawid
4. Pastor Marvin Dongdong
5. Pastor Alejandro Bugas
6. Pastor Jovito Marcelino Jr. V
7. Pastor Anabel Marcelino
8. Pastor Enrique Allera
9. Pastor Rizalino Perocho Jr.
10. Pastor Sereno Juarez, Jr.
11. Pastor Erlinda A. Oyaman
12. Pastor Noeh C. Oyaman

We have attended our first annual convention at our ministry Newlife Abundant Outreach Ministries in Anonang, Midsayap, Cotabato, Philippines April 26-29 2011.  It was a glorious time in the Lord.  It was a wonderful family reunion and fellowship.  The Holy Spirit moved mightily through anointed teaching with signs and wonders following in the form of healing and deliverance.  Pastors Renilo and his wife Ling Ling, the other Pastors and delegates in the ministry are truly flowing under the anointing of the Holy Spirit.  The ministry is growing and reaching out into the remote areas of Cotabato and reaping the harvest.  Mabuhay!!! 

Family Reunion 2014

Evangelist Cheryl Henderson and Bishop Lonnie Henderson were honored to convey God's message at the convention. Evangelist Cheryl under the anointing of the Holy Spirit taught at two of the five sessions and Bishop Lonnie as led by the Holy Spirit taught at all five. The theme conveyed through Pastor Renilo C. Esta by the Holy Spirit was God Will Turn Things For You. Additionally Bishop Lonnie was honored to teach at other churches affiliated with NewLife Abundant Outreach Ministries, Inc. the week following the convention:
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Women's Conference August 2014

Women's Conference Hosted by Pastors Renilo and Lingling at NEWLIFE ABUNDANT OUTREACH MINISTRIES, Anonang, Midsayap, Cotabato, Philippines
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Women's Conference August 2014 and Church 16 anniversary

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Events of 2013

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Events of 2012

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BABA association in London


Beloved Apostle Bimpe, President and CEO, founded BABA Missions Global based in London, England. BABA Missions Global has joined association with Agape Christian Fellowship Ministries to more fully accomplish the vision that the Lord has mandated regarding reaching out to the remote regions with the teaching and administration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
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BABA founded by my daughter Beloved Apostle BimpePlaque of Investiture Bishop Lonnie Henderson reads: Having seen in you as compassed by the Holy Spirit; quality manifested of a Kingdom Celebrity in the image of God and mind of Christ; we of the BABA Missions hereby confer on you this 10th day of November, 2012 the honor of: LIFE GRAND PATRON signed: Beloved Apostle Bimpe, President/CEO BABA MISSIONS GLOBAL.


Loving Memories of Beloved Apostle Bimpe who has transitioned to glory

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