India Ministry

ACFM has underground branches who serve as God's remnant in every state of India.  Our headquarters in South India is located in Andhra Pradesh, and our Northern branch headquarters is located in Punjab, India.  We also have provided medical programs, feeding programs, and programs to help supply school needs to serve the community to include Hindus and Sikhs without obliging them to receive salvation.  The gift of  salvation is a free will choice to receive by publicly acknowledging the Deity of Jesus and His redemptive passion through His crucifixion death and resurrection.  

ACFM ministering the Gospel in Andhra Pradesh, India

Our South India ministries was founded by the late Rev. Dr. Henry Devadas, Pastor Solomon Raju has been positioned and called by God and appointed by Rev. Lonnie P. Henderson, Bishop - Agape Christian Fellowship Ministries to be senior Pastor of Agape Christian Fellowship International. As with Rev. Dr. Henry Devadas, Pastor Solomon has the full support of all our ministries, but more importantly, God Almighty Himself. We have 400 Pastors who are located in nearly every district in Hyderadad the Largest state in Southern, India The Lord has recently expanded our ministry to Punjab, a Northern state in India under the stewardship of Pastor John Masih. With the help of Pastors John and Solomon, we have churches in every state in india. We also have several major projects: We serve an affiliated church in a colony for lepers. Also there is a food shortage and we need help in donating resources to feed people of all faiths in this region. We also care for orphaned children.

As ACFM true mission is to take the true gospel the exact gospel which Jesus Christ has told to preach and we are doing the same thing.

ACFM - Andhra Pradesh is actively working to reach the unreached people in prakasham district God is opening doors to reach out many people in Prakasham district and in other villages in Andhra Pradesh.

The word of God says in Mark 1:15 - The time has come," he said. "The kingdom of God has come near. Repent and believe the good news!"

We are active in holding the meetings in Prakasham district and other remote areas where it is very hard to take the Gospel. We are also involved in training pastors

The work in Leprosy colony is continuing. We are supporting few children by providing free food and Education to them. We are also helping leprosy effected people.

We are also supporting people in leprosy colony. I We have started a program called Agape Day Care Center. Every day we provide free food and education to children who are living in leprosy colony. With this program we could able to reach other poor and needy children who are from other religious background.


Hosea 4:6 Says my people perish lack of knowledge. People are perishing in India lack of knowledge pastors are going into the wrong directions.

We are growing in the Lord there is a much work which has to be done in India. God is preparing us.


Ministering The Gospel in Punjab, India

We are much happy to sharing with you our ministry pictures and mission & vision statement what we are doing in Northern Punjab, India by the grace of God. I have attached herewith our ACFM presentation file but we are doing working of the Lord for His kingdom and His Glory. I am President and Pastor John Masih at Agape Christian Fellowship Ministries (Regd) in Punjab, India. It is a fact that there are many outreach ministries that are helping and assisting the less fortunate from around the world. However, due to human limitations, they all cannot reach everyone everywhere. This is why God has called others, such as myself to also reach out to those people that are not being reached.
We have ministries reaching out to those who do not know that Jesus is Lord; reaching out to Muslim, Hindu communities and even to the backsliding Christians. We have been anointed by the Holy Spirit with gifts of healing and deliverance. We are teaching vessels of the Holy Spirit with the charge of teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ in all the world where led by the Holy Spirit. We have outreach ministries in the Sikhs and Hindu in India, communities where we offer the love of God through the gospel of Jesus Christ, clothing and feeding programs to the poor. we should be show them the unconditional love to them.

Pastor John Masih planted the ministry in 2007 and  currently supports the growing  ministries in Punjab, India. His team of anointed ministers  reach out to , the poor and needy with the word of God, and also by feeding and clothing them. Homeless & orphanage home ministry in Punjab as there are many very young children there that do not have a home and are living on the streets. It breaks our hearts to see this and have no power to do anything about it. But with your help, we will be able helping them continue. We have the ministry of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is in inside us. The Holy Spirit ministers through us. We must be sensitive to the Holy Spirit as we minister. It's the Holy Spirit is in operation, working through us. He is actively living inside of us. When oil is used for healing for example, many ascribe the healing to the oil and not to the operation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. We can operate in any and all of the gifts according to the Holy Spirit's will. We are very special in God's sight. He has equipped us to do what He has called us to do.

Agape Christian Fellowship Ministries is an Outreach ministry and non-profit organization ministry, ministering with a team of 20 Pastors. To share the truth of God's unconditional love and grace with Christian throughout the world! We are feeding the hungry, seeing the addicted set free, and seeing people prosper in every area of their life. We pray for the sick and brokenhearted and see them healed. God called me a full time minister as a young man to minister the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ through out the world by the power of His Holy Spirit. We thank God that Lord has given me so precious, anointed and beautiful wife Neetu Masih in my life and she is doing full time supporting me in the ministry. We thank God that Lord has been blessed us with a beautiful baby girl Mary Masih to born to us, she is three years old now, her cousin sister's Elizabeth & Esther.

ACFM vsion and misison Statement
Our Pastors those who are working with us and our Agape Christian Fellowship Ministries from the different parts of the distrcts of Punjab villages/twon/cities and etc. They are good worker and doing hard working in their areas. They have dedicated their lives to reach the unreached with the messages good message of the Lord. The ministry is reaching the rural folks with the Gospel messages through evangelism, Making disciple, Gospel Crusades, church Planting, Youth retreats, children’s , Bible School, Needy & Orphanage home, Sunday schools, street preaching, free distribution of tracts and Bibles, child care, Widow Welfare and medical services and helping hand ministry. Leadership Training. As you know that i cannot do this alone. In this regarding your prayers and help is very helpful for us. Agape CFM Punjab is the one-to-one lay caring ministry. we need your lot of prayer and supports to reach out the many lost souls and villages. we impact our generation with the love of God.
We want to help every part of the Body of Christ to Function in unity and to train a new generation of the young leaders- both male and female. To see the revival in Punjabm India.
Let us give ''ears to hear'' what the Spirit is saying to us,, the Church. ''We come to serve not to be served. Please give our loves to everyone at home and churches. Love and peace be with your Forever.
Thanks for grateful love and caring and continue to encouraging us. Really we love you my spiritual Dad and Mom. We are always uplifting you daily in our prayers and and also praying for your next year trip to India and will have great fellowship with you. You are so special for us

Punjab, India is in North India. Pastor John Christ is one of our senior Pastors and administrator. Under the leadership of Pastor John and the direction of the Holy Spirit, ACFM goes door to door teaching about Jesus Christ and inviting fellowhip with the Lord through baptism and obedience.